The Fintech Scaling Show

Episode 74: The Essential Ingredient; Communication with Hidde Koning

September 28, 2021

Here’s what we talked about:

Ever wondered why some people expand, and others seem to contract ?


Today on the fintechScalingShow, Hidde Koning, Founder & CEO of Bittiq opens up about the importance of communication...


And how communicating effectively, both internally and externally, really lays the platform for expansion both individually and as a group and/or team.


We talk through how "connection" and having "affinity" with the people inside and outside of your company helps develop a collaborative environment that helps you achieve your targets and goals together.


 Episode 74, The Essential Ingredient; Communication brings us back to basics and reminds us that without it expansion won't happen.


Key Discussions Points


  • The communication triangle
  • Why focusing on your strengths is important as you scale
  • The entrepreneurial operating system
  • Points to consider as you communicate to your ecosystem

Quote:  “Hire people that are better than you for the things  that needs to happen” - Hidde Koning





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