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Episode 94: How to Operate in a Digital Market Place with Nicola Tardelli & Andrea Severino

January 3, 2022

Here’s what we talked about:

Are you maximizing your brand’s potential to achieve your business goals?

In today’s digital world, how have you shifted your working practice to take full advantage of the online marketplace?
I ask as in today’s episode of the #fintechscalingshowNicola Tardelli & Andrea Severino, Co-Founders of Healthy Virtuoso, and I talk through creating relationships on Zoom to building a personal brand.

We discuss how an organization’s personality can help increase traffic, attract customers, build a loyal following, and set you apart from your competitors.
Furthermore, we outline the steps required to dive deep into a market and the importance of listening to your customers’ needs.

If you wish to build a strong personal brand that can contribute to your company’s growth and expansion, be sure to listen to this podcast episode.
Episode Highlights:
 4-step process to increase inbound traffic
 Why personality is important as you build your brand
 Why you must go from one-to-many to expand


Quote:  “What we learn is that from the worst moment that you face, you can learn the best. These make you stronger.   ”  - Nicola Tardelli/Andrea Severino

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