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July 1, 2020  


July 1, 2020

How Innovative Tech Companies Scale Up and Push the Boundaries During a Global Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people consume things, including technology. With online meetings, Netflix-binging, and online shopping happening more frequently than ever, the tech businesses are booming.

We undeniably need technology. It keeps us informed, connected, and provided with our needs. Living without Amazon, Facebook, and Youtube, among others, is the dynamics of the past. Things definitely have changed, and we have technology to credit for it.

The stats say it all― we live in a world where tech companies thrive. Amazon reaching a company value of $1.14 trillion last month is a proof of that. All the other big tech companies, which were negatively affected during the first weeks of the pandemic, are now making their way to the top of the market. Microsoft is now valued at $1.32 trillion. Facebook at $577 billion. Apple at $1.26 trillion. If those are not a flashing red signal of how immense tech companies have grown, then I don’t know what is.

Given these data, the tech industry is definitely not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. They are bound to stay in our laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. With this in mind, diving deep into how tech businesses are growing despite the pandemic is a profoundly interesting topic that I deem worthy investing time and effort in.

I have always been fascinated by how tech companies are shifting the paradigm and in doing so, impacting our daily lives. I created this podcast so you and I can get a glimpse of their world and learn how they are creating our future.

What we talk about

The mission of this podcast is to have honest, open and engaging conversations and tell you about everything there is to know about the tech industry― the how and whys― in a comprehensible, informative way.

For starters, we delve into what tech leaders are doing now, and how their companies are coping with the pandemic. We will listen to their stories, ups & downs, and how they deal with the downs. I find this highly useful since it’s not just my insight and experience that matter, but others’ as well.

How does corporate life change given the distancing rules forced upon businesses by the pandemic? What role does tech play in all of this? How do digital systems appeal to the workers and the masses? Those are just some of the questions that my dedicated podcasts will answer.

Who are we talking to?

As mentioned earlier, the tech industry is booming. And innovation is fueling the growth. Even before the pandemic, innovation has propelled the tech industry. The only difference is, it’s propelling it more now.

Due to this, we’ll sit down with tech leaders to see exactly how innovation helps the tech industry move forward. The whys behind the call for innovation among SMEs and big companies will be tackled. Tips for startups and aspiring tech leaders out there will be given, too (e.g. how pioneering companies can break into markets by not only having good tech, but credible stories and branding to back them up).

How tech is leading the way

The benefits of listening to this podcast don’t stop there. We’ll see how tech helps the vulnerable, which is affected the most by the pandemic. Tech businesses can help in many ways, including providing medical information and getting involved in community activities.  Contrary to popular belief, tech companies live up to their corporate social responsibilities.

Furthermore, tech businesses have played an integral part in making it easier for us to stay at home, track the virus, and curb its effects—credits to food delivery services, contact-tracing, distance learning, and funny memes, which were all made possible by the tech industry.

In fact, an increasing number of tech companies are finding more ways to help fight the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They’re doing it not just for the prestige, but more so for the sake of mankind. Surviving this pandemic just won’t be possible without the tech industry’s help.

At the end of the day, the tech industry has given us benefits that are hard to contest. For this very reason, the tech industry, unlike many other industries, continues to thrive amidst the pandemic.


Enjoy listening and I look forward to connecting with you


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Richard Doherty

Founder & Host