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September 28, 2020  

Episode 13: How to Scale in the Subscription Economy Space with Joakim Sjöblom

Here's what we talk about:

For a business to flourish, skills and ideas are just icing on the cake. Being able to adapt and apply different disciplines, learning from mistakes, and having a critical mindset are also needed for a business to succeed.

In this episode, we’ll learn about the factors that can lead to success from no less than Minna Technologies’ CEO and co-founder Joakim Sjöblom.

Joakim is a doer and a visionary. A Fintech leader with a strong passion for the future of digital banking, Joakim has been instrumental in Minna Techologies’ massive growth and success. With Joakim at the helm, the company has raised more than $10 million in venture funding and has established global partnerships with world-leading companies.

In this episode, Joakim candidly shared the experiences that has led him to the world of business, the mistakes and lessons he learned along the way, and how Minna Technologies has evolved through the years. If you want to learn how to scale a business from a doer and a visionary, this episode is for you!

Key Discussion Topics

  • How having a knack for “solving problems” forms the basis for running a successful business
  • Why being able to influence is crucial to early stage companies
  • How distribution has changed for the subscription economy
  • The importance of having sustainable revenue as part of scaling
  • The new frameworks & methodologies to reach ideal customers

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September 21, 2020  

Episode 12: How to Take Your Startup to the Next Level with Ignacio Javierre and Hasan Nawaz

Here's what we talk about:

To succeed, startups will require perseverance and going all in. But that’s just for starters. In this episode, discover what it takes to take your startup to the next level with HUBUC founders Ignacio Javierre and Hasan Nawaz!

Ignacio and Hasan are the brains behind HUBUC, the fintech platform that allows those who want to set up banking operations to broaden their offers with minimal effort while staying fully compliant with the regulations.

In this episode, Ignacio and Hasan shared how they were able to take their venture to the next level—from the methods and tactics they employed to determine their target buyers down to the pipeline challenges they’ve experienced in the pandemic, you’ll learn all about it here.

If you’re looking to take your your business to the next level, this is one episode you just can’t miss!

Key Discussion Topics

  • How they made the leap from the corporate world to successful startup founders
  • How their “rapid execution” methodology helps to determine market signals
  • Why a mix of “traditional” and new medium marketing has helped build product awareness
  • How HUBUC is breaking down barriers by offering an "out-the-box" fintech platform


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September 14, 2020  

Episode Eleven: How to Build & Run a Successful International Startup with Fabian Fischer

Here's what we talk about:

Starting a business is no easy feat. You have to know what it takes to go from startup to getting your product out to various locations internationally. Today’s brilliant guest was able to achieve a feat as impressive and he shared how he made it all happen!

Fabian Fischer is the founder and managing director of massUP, an insurtech solution that’s designed to be a one-stop solution for online sales of specialty insurances. Prior to starting massUP, he was a partner and former managing director at Mediaman, a worldwide digital production and communication company with offices in Germany, China, and the US.

In this episode, Fabian candidly shared the insights, wisdom, and techniques that has helped him build a successful startup. From the obstacles they faced and how they resolved it down to how they create product awareness, he covered it all here. This is one powerhouse discussion I hope you won’t miss!

Key Discussion Topics

  • How the experience at Mediaman helped him with massUP
  • Tactics used to consistently “build in” market feedback to your product
  • The importance of selecting partners for knowledge, and collaboration not simply capital
  • Why international expansion should include local partners
  • Why having less at the start, will allow you to focus and have more later

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September 7, 2020  

Episode Ten: How Leading from the Front Helps Build Teams for Success with Cristiam Da Silva

Here's what we talk about:

We talk to Cristiam about how he got started on his entrepreneurship journey. He started as a freelancer and then that led down a path to building a thriving digital agency.

We speak about how he built a team that allowed him to scale and to concentrate on the business.

He speaks through why it’s important to scale and opens up about the importance of finding the right team, with a mix of skills to help push the company forward.

We talk about the importance of selecting the right project and clients. And how this is an important part of scaling and growing your business. It’s hard to stop and say no to clients in this phase, but important nonetheless as your reputation is important in the market

We talk about the learnings of his scaling journey and how he’s tackled this, in his own style – which is so expressive and natural, such a great business mind…He goes into details of how he came up with an innovative vetting process, which de-risked the people he hired…

Talking through the “simple” complexities of moving from 3 to 15 staff members and the mechanisms used to communicate…how these change and why they need to change….

We move on to how he leads from the front and the importance of creating an environment that his staff want to work in…yes, we work hard BUT let’s also understand that we have lives outside – BRAVO !

Lastly, we talk about the need to niche down in order to scale up! We chat through how his business is beating the odds and growing now.

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August 31, 2020  

Episode Nine: Building Solutions that Impact the Lives of many in Emerging Markets with Jeremy Leach

Here's what we talk about:

We talk to Jeremy about inclusivity solutions and how he started out in the game. We talk about his early career and the how travelling around the world helped build the company he has today. We dive into some detail as to how he landed up in south africa, a country he’s come to call his own. And how all this led him to be the founder of inclusivity solutions.

We spoke about how he created awareness and raised funds in the early days, which is allowing him to scale now. we speak about how it’s important to be agile and the challenges to making a success in the market.

We dive deep into interesting topics on product vis-à-vis market fit, and how its so important to understand the market you enter and tailor the product if required for this circumstances….

We speak about the opportunity that has arisen from the current situation and the learnings out there now which if taken can propel companies forward.

We end the conversation chatting how start-up’s must be resilient and keeping your team together is a crucial aspect of success.

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August 24, 2020  

Episode Eight: Building and Scaling Businesses for Success with Kirsty Bisset and Barry Tuck

Here's what we talk about:

Building a company from the ground up requires sacrifices. For Barry and Kirsty, this was part of the process to building SwiftX.

Go on a trip down memory lane as Barry and Kirsty recall the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. This dynamic duo shows us that life is full of experiences that we should always learn from.

As this episode progresses, we learn that Barry and Kristy are far from ordinary. They have this calling of giving back to society. Thankfully, working in fintech has allowed them to do just that. They also walk us through the different marketing strategies they use, and explain case studies regarding fintech.

Since we are on the topic of fintech, don’t miss out on the opportunity to know about the companies Barry and Kirsty invest in, and how they are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

They end by giving us tips on what to look out for when scaling a business.  Having built and sold 3 businesses between themselves before starting their own company.

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August 17, 2020  

Episode Seven: Taking the Road Less Travelled and Helping MicroBusinesses Grow with Kevin Mutiso

Here's what we talk about:

Shout out to tech fans, entrepreneurs, and aspiring tech founders out there. This episode is for you. In this episode, I invited a successful business owner in Africa who aims to provide 200 million global users financial access through technology.

Kevin Mutiso, the founder and CEO of Alternative Circle, which allows people to access their credit information through their phones. Financial institutions can also access the platform, which they can use as a basis for lending.

With the determination to provide for this family, Kevin cashed in on his passion in tech and finance. Four years later, he established a great reputation, making his company one of the leading tech companies in Kenya.

Listen as this techpreneur talk about innovation in Africa and the potential of this generation. For Kevin, building relationships and finding people who add value to your company are the keys to success.

You can hear his goal-fuelled statements as he runs through examples of how Alternative Circle helps micro-entrepreneurs scale their businesses. His company was not just a product of good skill, but of passion and hardwork as well.

Kevin is proof that you can change the world through your passion.

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August 10, 2020  

Episode Six: Digital Assets and the New Financial Ecosystem with Paresh Daya

Here's what we talk about:

If you’ve heard about Bitcoin, you’ve probably heard about blockchain. However, blockchain does not exist only to serve Bitcoin. It has other uses as well. Our guest for today explores the intricacies of blockchain and how it can fuel the digital world.

Paresh Daya, a fintech and blockchain entrepreneur takes us into a journey like no other. In this episode, he talks about his business, passion for building tech, and being part of developing a new digital ecosystem.

Just like other notable leaders, Paresh sees the need for SMEs and entrepreneurs to be at the forefront of innovation.  Making the most of the pandemic by innovating and enhancing relationships to get the upper hand are excellent tactics.

Paresh’s many years of experience proves that creating a new financial world is possible.  We are indeed welcoming a world where finance and technology work together to ensure excellent service for customers.


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August 3, 2020  

Episode Five: The Necessity for Innovation to Stay Ahead of the Crowd with Hugh Hessing

Here's what we talk about:

Adapting to the limitations and demands of the pandemic is crucial for businesses to survive and thrive.

Imagine a crisis that forces employees to change the way they work. Despite initial fears caused by pressure and failure, this change can actually work. That’s what many company executives and leaders around the globe are finding out as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode, I sat down with Hugh Hessing to discuss how the corporate world is doing in the midst of the pandemic.  Hugh provides great insight into how corporations are coping and starting to emerge from COVID-19.

Take this journey with us as we delve into automation, working remotely, business restructuring, creating & enhancing products to meet consumers’ needs, the importance of tech in business operations, how innovation allows companies to get the upper hand & avoid lagging behind competitors, and the need for companies to be less invasive. 

And, tips for tech companies selling into corporates will be given.

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a change in work dynamics. It’s up to the leaders and employees to build resilience and pioneer the way forward.


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July 27, 2020  

Episode Four: Building Companies as a Passion and to have Real Impact with Thomas Pays

Here's what we talk about:

For today’s episode, Thomas Pays, a passionate techpreneur and CEO of OZOW talks about his passion for tech and how digital adoption accelerates despite the pandemic.

Sit down and listen to Thomas talk about building businesses and their impacts to society. For him, the social impact of businesses is immense, which can lead to the empowerment of individuals and SMEs.

In addition, we speak about how shifting mindset propels innovation and helps the vulnerable. For instance, Thomas company’s OZOW, an innovative payment system helps get food and essential items to those who need them most.

Digital transformation is clearly where we’re heading. Adapting to new tech and realizing social impacts are what companies must do to pave the way to that.

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