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November 30, 2020  

Episode 22: Decoding Branding and Marketing to Help your Fintech Scale with Mike Sharman

Here's what we talk about:

In the fintech and startup world, unique ideas are the ones with the greatest potential. However, uniqueness alone doesn’t guarantee success.

In this episode, we invited Mike Sharman, the co-founder of Match Kit, to share his scaling insights through the lens of both founder & marketing guru.
Mike opens up about his approach to business & product building and highlights the importance of being patient and adaptable as you start growing your business. We move on to talking about how to gain market traction, and different aspects of audience & community building as being pivotal to raising awareness.

It’s an exciting episode, packed full of useful learning from a thought leader in the space!

Key Discussion Topics

  • Why allowing yourself to experiment as a startup helps validate your offer
  • Why a blend of marketing tactics should be used in your startup & scaleup
  • Investment and business capability factors to consider as you build your foundations
  • How to gain product & market traction through a combination of traditional & social channels
  • How combining analytical & creative thinking will help startups succeed


“Just try and just explore different opportunities, different avenues.” - Mike Sharman

“It’s the intersection of analytics and creativity, for me, that defines success within the startup environment.” - Mike Sharman


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November 23, 2020  

Episode 21: The Art of Getting Results for Hyper-Growth Startups with Nelson Da Silva

Here's what we talk about:
Starting and building a business is multi-faceted and requires laser focus on your niche & of course results. That said, “results” are achievable if you have an approach to mastering key parts of the business.
In this episode Nelson Da Silva, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)  at Capitalise, opens up about his experience in scaling hyper-growth fintechs. He highlights the importance of team work & education, and how this must be extended to partners.
We gone on to talk about leadership and his view of how to get “results”, which is not always looking at the bottom line (although that is important). As Nelson says: “It’s talent + skills development + mastery which equals results”.

This is a fantastic episode! and showcases the art of scaling from a Leader in the Fintech Space

Key Discussion Topics

  • How to approach getting results through different lenses
  • Why education & knowledge sharing should extended to your partners
  • Why empowering & supporting your team will help you scale
  • The formula used to recruit, build & retain talent



“It’s talent plus skills development plus mastery, equals achievement.” - Nelson Da Silva



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November 16, 2020  

Episode 20: How Customer Connection can Turbo-Charge your Startup with Anzhelika Osmanova

Here's what we talk about:

Inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes, great start-ups come from great individual struggles. In this episode, we invited Anzhelika Osmanova, Founder & CEO of Lendonomy.

Anzhelika founded Lendonomy after experiencing how difficult it was to access credit during her student days. So, she set out to solve the problem – the solution, a peer-to-peer lending platform to help the younger generation; all while building a blockchain verifiable credit history.

We go onto talk in detail of the importance on staying connected to your customers, and discuss tactics that help validate product vis-à-vis market fit. Furthermore, we discuss how to including culture in partnering decision making process pays dividends in the long run

Key Discussion Points:

  • Why making customer connection a priority is critical to your success
  • How to add maximum value to your partners
  • How to approach entering new markets
  • Legal & regulatory aspects to consider when scaling

“You will find so many interesting things when you speak to your customers directly.” - Anzhelika Osmanova

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November 9, 2020  

Episode 19: How to Setup a Micro-Lender focused on the Success of SMEs with Halvor Lande

Here's what we talk about:

As the continuous progression of technology creates better ways for businesses to provide services that were either impossible or unattainable in the past, several businesses in the fintech industry have evolved in order to answer the market’s demands. The banking industry has also been stepping up in terms of digitization and service, giving birth to digital lending banks that are accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Halvor Lande CEO of Aprila Bank ASA, is an expert in technology and finance. His impressive career experience, in financial services, has helped him become an integral part of Aprila Bank ASA. Who focus on making it easier to start, run and scale a business.
In this episode, Halvor shares the beginnings of Aprila Bank ASA and how they have become an established brand who help SMEs. We go on to talk about how to find a winning formula when it comes to partnerships, and how data is used to understand the market & improve services.

If you’d like to know more financial services companies from one of the most respected names in the Norwegian banking scene, this is one episode you just can’t miss!

Key Takeaways

  • How to establish win-win partnerships
  • How data can be used to understand the market & improve services
  • Why focus is key to scaling
  • Strategies used to build connection across teams
  • How to look at challenges as a team, that builds an achievable vision


“That’s our mission - to make it easier to start, run, and scale businesses.” - Halvor Lande


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November 2, 2020  

Episode 18: How to Scale a Decentralized Wealth Management System with Cyrus Fazel

Here's what we talk about:

In a nutshell, cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency that's secured by cryptography. It can be used to purchase goods and services. It can also be traded for profit. However, there is more to cryptocurrency than meets the eye.

After a decade of experience in the investment and hedge fund industry, Cyrus Fazel founded SwissBorg, a trusted and accessible wealth management ecosystem that’s powered by blockchain technology

In this episode, Cyrus shares how the company started and the approach they used to take their brand worldwide. To date, they now have more than 150,000 active users. He opens up about the SwissBorg philosophy of putting the community first, and the importance of creating & maintaining a community-centric ecosystem that educates & adds value to members.

If you’d like get fascinating insights of how to scale in a rapidly evolving space from one of the thought leaders in the industry, this is one episode you just can’t miss!

Key Discussion Topics

  • How creating a community-centric financial ecosystem helps scaling
  • The approach used to take the business global rapidly
  • What it takes to hire the best talent
  • Simple, but effective, methods used to align individuals & teams to the company purpose
  • What they are doing to stay on the growth trajectory 


SwissBorg Website -

SwissBorg Community App -

SwissBorg Wealth App -

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey -


Cyrus Fazel on LinkedIn -

Cyrus Fazel on Twitter -

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October 26, 2020  

Episode 17: Why being Adaptable is Vital for your Business to Always be on Top with Lauri Sommarberg

Here's what we talk about:

Creating a business is always tough, especially in the Fintech world, but with enough passion and vision you can find a way to the top. In this episode, LVS Brokers co-founder Lauri Sommarberg explains how he managed the fundamentals of placing a business on the top of its game regardless of the situation.

Lauri is a visionary entrepreneur, and someone who has been in the fintech scene for a while. He opens up about how LVS Brokers started and the importance of always having connection & collaboration across his team as key parts to successfully scaling.

If you are looking for an in-depth view of what it takes to scale a bootstrapped Fintech, and how to create a positive environment within your company, then this episode is for you! 

Key Discussion Topics:

  • How bootstrap companies differ when it comes to scaling?
  • Why it’s important to assess your company’s ability to compete in a market, before entering
  • What metrics you should consider in achieving a winning cycle for your business
  • The importance of self-assessment in order to move forward, continue scaling, and acknowledge what you lack as a company
  • Why establishing a shared vision across the company is important for success


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Measure What Matters:


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October 19, 2020  

Episode 16: Why Listening to the Market can Turbo-Charge your Startup with Piotr Godzinski

Here's what we talk about:

The main goal of scaling in the Fintech Industry is to innovate while managing the growth of your own company. Having a successful product launch is part of the equation, but what happens if your entry into the market doesn’t go as planned ?

In this episode, Piotr Godzinski, co-founder of Finnu, talks openly about how Finnu came to be. He’s very honest about what went wrong with their initial product launch and how they used the information to pivot their focus from there. He shares the key challenges and strategies they used to succeed in another continent.

If you are looking for advice on how to create and improve your start-up, looking for your ideas to come to life or just curious as to how Finnu successfully pivoted , then this episode is for you! 
Key Discussion Topics

  • Why it’s important to find the right market and connect with end-users directly
  • How taking note of customer feedback is crucial during your journey
  • Why creating a network with other experienced players helps improve your chances of success
  • Why being adaptable is important as your company evolves
  • The importance of creating a team with a shared vision & passion


Finnu website: 

Lean Customer Development - 


Piotr Godzinski  - 

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October 12, 2020  

Episode 15: Using Tech to Improve the Financial Health of Consumers with Gonzalo Ceballos

Here's what we talk about:

The main goal of scaling in the Fintech Industry is to innovate while managing the growth of your own company. Business is always tough, but with enough passion and vision, you can drive yourself on the road to improvement. In this episode, Freddie talks with Gonzalo Camiña Ceballos, CEO, and Co-founder of Opseeker

Gonzalo talks about how he ended up with Opseeker, and how financial health is important especially when you’re viewing things in the long-term perspective. He talks about Opseeker, and how creating an attractive, interactive, and useful software helps customers improve their financial health -  putting customers at the centre of the equation, not bonuses are money!

If you are looking for advice on how to be financially healthy and would love to hear more about what Opseeker can offer, then this episode is for you! 

Key Discussion Topics

  • Why it’s crucial for the financial system to be inclusive, and develop client relationships
  • How to determining product Vs market fit is a process of up’s & downs – build, test, move…and iterate
  • Methods used to manage the growth of core business, along with other initiatives
  • How Opseeker is using gamification to improve clients financial health
  • How his leadership teamwork as a unit, to tackle problems & grow together


Opseeker -

Startupbootcamp -

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Collins Business Essentials) -

Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics -


Gonzalo Camiña Ceballos

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October 5, 2020  

Episode 14: The Tech Behind the World’s First Private Members’ Bank with Henry Fudge

Here's what we talk about:

In the world of Fintech innovation, taking risks is the name of the game. In order to one-up the competition, you must be able to think critically and be unique. In this episode, we’ll talk about the wonders of neobanking with Henry Fudge, the co-founder and CEO of 220 Bank.

Henry Fudge’s vision goes far and beyond the current state of banking. As the CEO of 220 Bank, he and his partners aim to be the new wave of banking, transforming private banking into a new and improved experience. 

In this episode, Henry takes us through his journey of creating a successful startup that is 220 Bank. He also reflects on his experiences as a young entrepreneur and Fintech innovator.

If you are new to the concept of neobanks and would like to know what this brilliant entrepreneur did to make it to the top, this episode is for you!

Key Discussion Topics

  • Being at the right place at the right time, Henry recalls how he started dabbling in cryptocurrency and how taking risks sometimes results in big payouts.
  • Dealing with a new way of banking to cater to a new generation with new sources of wealth.
  • What 220 Bank does that is different and unique to their company and making private banking less private while looking after their clients.
  • Struggles of investors and businesses during COVID-19, and how 220 Bank worked through it.
  • Henry talks about being a co-founder at 24 and running a successful start-up.


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Henry Fudge -

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September 28, 2020  

Episode 13: How to Scale in the Subscription Economy Space with Joakim Sjöblom

Here's what we talk about:

For a business to flourish, skills and ideas are just icing on the cake. Being able to adapt and apply different disciplines, learning from mistakes, and having a critical mindset are also needed for a business to succeed.

In this episode, we’ll learn about the factors that can lead to success from no less than Minna Technologies’ CEO and co-founder Joakim Sjöblom.

Joakim is a doer and a visionary. A Fintech leader with a strong passion for the future of digital banking, Joakim has been instrumental in Minna Techologies’ massive growth and success. With Joakim at the helm, the company has raised more than $10 million in venture funding and has established global partnerships with world-leading companies.

In this episode, Joakim candidly shared the experiences that has led him to the world of business, the mistakes and lessons he learned along the way, and how Minna Technologies has evolved through the years. If you want to learn how to scale a business from a doer and a visionary, this episode is for you!

Key Discussion Topics

  • How having a knack for “solving problems” forms the basis for running a successful business
  • Why being able to influence is crucial to early stage companies
  • How distribution has changed for the subscription economy
  • The importance of having sustainable revenue as part of scaling
  • The new frameworks & methodologies to reach ideal customers

Minna Technologies -

Joakim Sjöblom LinkedIn

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