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Episode 26: Building Bridges to Scaleup Across Europe with Yorick Naeff

January 4, 2021

Here's what we talk about:

As a very fragmented region, Europe has curtailed the expansion of many local business players. Different rules, regulations, and paying systems have been a headache for some companies. 

In our episode for today, Yorick Naeff, the COO of Bux, shares with us why they labeled their company as a FinTech company and not just a tech company. He also gives tips on how they were able to scale up their business in 9 countries across Europe and the challenges that they faced throughout the process. 

Furthermore, Yorick gives his insights on how to manage a growing team, how to keep the company's vibe alive despite the distance, and how to improve oneself as a leader. 

 Learn straight from Yorick, an inspirational leader who’s been helping new generations do more with their money since 2014.

Key Discussion Topics 

  • Strategies to consider when expanding across European countries
  • How local expertise helps accelerate business growth & region integration  
  • Methods used to build products that are scalable across Europe
  • Insights on where and how to scale up a talented & diverse team in Europe 


Bux’s Website:

Bux Zero:

Lean Startup by Eric Ries:


Yorick Naeff:


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