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Episode 126: Follow the Money—What do Fintech Investors Want? with Guest: Sydney Armani, Chairman & CEO, FinTech World

July 22, 2022

Guest: Sydney Armani, Chairman & CEO, FinTech World. Sydney has more than 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley, active in the community as an entrepreneur as well as an investor. 

Fintech World is an online platform featuring pertinent articles on recent issues and directions in the finance industry, providing profound insights into topics that really matter today. The contents deal broadly with specialist perspectives on the vast possibilities technology offers for the financial and end-to-end sectors. 

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What is hot in fintech, what’s not. News that will affect you

Up through 2021, Fintech has been the hottest area of investment for venture capitalists. 20% of funding flowed into fintech startups. But with a recession possibly around the corner, investors are writing fewer and smaller checks.

They are getting much more selective about the kind of companies they invest in. According to CB Insights, global venture investment in fintech firms sank 18% in the first quarter of 2022.

This podcast takes a deep dive into what is hot in fintech, what investors are willing to put money up for and what they are avoiding.

HOST: In addition to being the host of the internationally popular Fintech Scaling show, Richard Doherty is the founder and CEO of Scale Up Consulting, A consulting business that helps scale Fintech companies to attain stellar profits with their Key to Profits System.

Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) What you, as a leader, should be concentrating on to secure a bright future

2) Why the continued building of the fintech infrastructure is vital to the ecosystem

3) How the big banks are consolidating their investments and how this may affect your success



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