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Episode 108: Manage Talent in a Networked Age with Rebecca Hastings

April 11, 2022

Here’s what we talked about:

Imagine it's your first day in your new job.

You’re excited, to meet the team and get started.

Your new manager greets you and welcomes you to the team.

Then you go off to complete all the HR stuff.

In your onboarding, almost without expression, HR tells you that you’re now in a 90-day probation period.

You take it on the chin, as you’ve heard this before

But deep down you’re stress levels have gone up.

You think “F*ck… I got to make this work!”

Well, my friends, you’ve just experienced the fundamental disconnect of modern-day employment.

In today's episode of the Fintechscaling show, Rebecca Hastings, founder of Lucent Group, and I talk about how to manage talent in a networked age. We discuss attracting and keeping talent and improving relationships with them to increase employee retention and loyalty.

Find out practical ways and strategies that business owners can employ in order to find ideal candidates that match their requirements.

Episode Highlights:

  •   How to build a new employer-employee relationship
  •   What strategies should you be using to find talent
  •   How communities and alumni networks help facilitate your talent search

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