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Episode 109: Why Corporate Experience isn’t a Necessity as a Founder with George Kushner

April 18, 2022

Here’s what we talked about:

Starting a new business is not at all like working in a large company.

Yes, experience is a great teacher but old habits and mindsets can be difficult to overcome.

How do you switch from having an employee mindset to having an entrepreneurial mindset?

Do you need to gain years of experience in your chosen field before taking a leap and launching your startup?

Or is your determination, passion, and courage enough to help you succeed in business?

I ask all these because, in this episode of the Fintechscaling show, I sat down with George Kushner, CEO of H2cryptO, and we discussed why corporate experience is not a necessity as a founder.

In this enlightening episode, learn the power of personal branding and communication on your startup success, and how these skills can help move your company further than corporate experience.


Episode Highlights:

  •   How to shift your mindset from corporate employee to founder
  •   The vital attributes you can leverage from your corporate career
  •  Why your personal brand is essential
  •   How communication helps you lead your community

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