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Episode 123: Staying ahead of the Digital Banking Revolution with Stephane Malrait

July 11, 2022

Guest: Stephane Malrait. Stephane leads Market Structure & Innovation activities for Financial Markets at ING and also has external partnership and development relationships with Fintech companies.

ING is a global bank with a strong European base of more than 57,000 employees that serve around 38 million customers, corporate clients and financial institutions in over 40 countries. Their purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.

Digital Marketing has Disrupted the Market, now what?
The past two years of the pandemic have fast-tracked digital behaviors. People don’t interact with their banks like they used to. Customers have flocked to digital banking the world over and this is just the beginning. Big institutions are often the last to navigate big changes in the marketplace. But the big banks that aren’t keeping up today may soon be dinosaurs of tomorrow. What to do to stay ahead of the digital curve? What not to do? Please tune in and find out with our guest, Stephane Malrait. 


HOST: In addition to being the host of the internationally popular Fintech Scaling show, Richard Doherty is the founder and CEO of Scale Up Consulting, A consulting business that helps scale Fintech companies to attain stellar profits with their Key to Profits System.


Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) Why finance leaders should change their mindset from “success first” to “learning first”

2) How ING created an Innovative culture that formed a closer, more intimate relationship with their customers, and you can do the same

3) How customer needs must be understood and acted on as the catalyst for wholesale improvement 



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