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Episode 129: Surviving and Thriving with Financial Institutions with Guest Thomas Ball, CEO and Founder of BerFin

August 1, 2022

Guest Thomas Ball, CEO and Founder of BerFin, Anti-financial Crime Advisory.

BerFin addresses one of the largest threats to today’s society, Financial Crime. They accomplish this by offering their clients innovative and effective solutions. 

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Successfully partnering with financial institutions

Financial institutions and financial technology (fintech) companies are cozying up to one another. What does that mean? 

Richard and Thomas discuss the tenuous “marriage” between financial institutions and fintech. What companies need to consider as they continue on this path.

The arrangement suits both sides, but it’s not always rosy between them.

Fintech can offer banks and credit unions access to innovative technology they don’t have to develop in-house, in return fintechs get a ready-made audience of customers to use their service.

Yet, regulators give extra scrutiny to innovative technologies. Fintechs and the banks that partner with them need to be extra careful they are compliant with all regulations.


Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) Why execution & automation is important to focus on above policy

2) The most critical regulations a fintech leader must know and understand

3) How regulation and innovation can coexist to achieve mutually beneficial goals



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