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Episode 131 : Winning with Digital Transformation With guest Gary Crawford, Chief Innovation Officer, Waracle

August 8, 2022

Waracle make patients & customers lives better through mobile technology. Their 300+ strong team of industry-leading technologists collaborate to create innovative applications that leverage the sensor-rich devices that people use. They connect the best people with the most innovative companies in Financial Services & Digital Health.

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Keys to Unlocking Digital Transformation Initiatives   

Digital transformation is a reality for old and new, small and big companies. Problem is, DT can be a real challenge (to put it lightly). 

Richard and Gary discuss how executives and employees need to shed old habits, update cultural norms, upskill, and adjust their way of thinking to thrive in digital business, all while keeping the show on the road.

Learning to connect the dots between digital initiatives, strategy, and business enablement is critical and will be even more so moving into the future.

Big players such as apple are developing fintech products, JP Morgan continues to invest heavily in this space as well as Citi bank. To survive and thrive you must stay ahead of the curve.

Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) How to adjust your mindset to unlock your digital future

2) How leadership, relationships and communication play a vital part in the digital future and your success

3) How to use experiences outside your comfort zone as a catalyst for success


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