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Episode 132: The Truth about Scaling Startups with Guest Nick Lumsden, Co-Founder & CTO at Tenacity Cloud

August 12, 2022

Guest: Nick Lumsden, Co-Founder & CTO at Tenacity Cloud

Tenacity Cloud Tenacity Cloud is an easy to implement, agentless cloud security and cost management platform. It is the only cloud security platform that automates security and compliance, as well as cloud cost optimization.

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Unraveling the secrets to growing a startup

Is it true that startups can go from idea to product to market in a matter of weeks and be successful? 

Is it true that startups don’t need organization charts, frameworks, or consultants to scale? Why? Because processes, org charts, and reporting lines only calcify the arteries of the organization? 

Is it true that each iteration of your company growth can happen in the span of a few hours. The build, test, deploy cycles can be as short as minutes.

All the things above are true, right? Well partially. In this episode Richard and Nick discuss the true nature of startups and what needs to be done so you don’t end up in the category of failed business after a couple of years.  

The reality is as you grow and start scaling operational structures need to be designed in such a way that you’re still able to flex your execution engine. Tune in to learn more!

Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) How to develop a philosophy of generating great ideas to help you scale

2) Why it is critical to have an intimate feel for the market you are in

3) Three components (that leaders can miss) needed to successfully scale your product 


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