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Episode 133: Building a Community and Attracting Talent Guest: Sebastiaan van den Ouweelen, Founder SCLR Talent Solutions

August 15, 2022

Guest: Sebastiaan van den Ouweelen, Founder SCLR Talent Solutions. Expert in setting up and rolling out global strategies to attract, select, onboard, and retain talent

SCLR Talent Solutions helps businesses grow by equipping them with the right talent and supports them in optimizing their talent operations. They work alongside leaders and talent teams to help them locate, acquire and foster the right talent to further their overall business goals.

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Adventures in scaling and acquiring talent

Sebastiaan and Richard talk about the inherent difficulties associated with trying to scale. The differences between a 100-person company and a larger one. Things become more complex as you scale, the game changes: you don’t know everyone’s name, colleagues are in different locations, etc. Communication becomes more complicated.

Methods of operation that worked as a smaller company no longer work to support a large team. As you grow you must be prepared. 

HR must adapt to fit the needs of the organization at each stage of growth.  Attracting talent today takes more than advertising for someone to fill a position. To learn how to attract talent, join us in this episode. 


Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) The fastest way to scale a company of any size

2) How caring for your employees is necessary in today’s market and will boost your brand

3) Using community to play a vital role in accessing talent



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