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Episode 134: The Shifting Mindset of a Founder with Guest: Dr. Holger Bartel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of RealRate

August 19, 2022

Guest: Dr. Holger Bartel is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of RealRate. He has founded several fintech companies, driven by the idea of changing markets using new technology. 

RealRate is a rating agency using Explainable Artificial Intelligence to create fully automated and explainable company ratings. The RealRate seal is used to build customer trust, strengthen your brand and grow your business.

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Breaking down the thought process of successful leaders

The goal of all leaders should be efficiency, repeatability, and simplicity. But how do these play out in a dynamic, growing business?


Dr. Holger and Richard ask and answer the question why some companies scale exponentially with a seemingly effortless ease, while others find growth painful and hard to achieve.

It comes down to leadership mindset that foresees and overcomes problems long before they emerge. 

The show takes a deep dive into successful companies like Amazon, how it started in a basement and grew to one of the most successful companies in the world. What mindset allows the founder to achieve such success? Tune in for the answers. 


Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) Key characteristics founders require to scale their business

2) How to be opportunistic and why it is vital to success

3) How to shift from builder mentality to leader to achieve solid growth



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