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Episode 137: Achieving Fintech Growth during a Recession with Pouya Yadegar, Chief Investment Officer, Prime Opportunities Investment Group

August 29, 2022

Prime Opportunities Investment Group, LLC is a registered investment advisor offering hedged equity strategies to individual and institutional investors. Prime is an evolution of the investment expertise developed while managing their founder’s family office. Consistent with multi-generational family office background, Prime’s focus is on wealth preservation and long-term sustainable growth.


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Taking Advantage of Here and Now to Scale Your Fintech Business

Is it possible to raise money with an impending recession and while companies are cutting expenses? Yes, many fintech operations are doing it. In fact, it may be a good time to raise money and scale, many are doing it. 

Put this together with the next evolution of the web, web 3 and the outlook for fintech companies is quite bright.

 Richard and Pouya discuss how it could be a great time to be in the center of this extraordinary “build phase” in the fintech industry if your play your cards right. 

Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) How to look at things from the emerging macroeconomic picture
2) Why disruption should be your goal, rather than consolidation
3) How fintechs and banks are thriving now and into the future


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