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Episode 139: Scaling toward International Expansion with Patrick de Nonneville, Co-founder and CEO of October

September 12, 2022

Guest: Patrick de Nonneville, the CEO of October. 

OCTOBER creates an efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly alternative to the traditional banking system and offers creditworthy SMEs faster and simpler access to financing.

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Managing your startup for long-term success 

Richard and Patrick discuss how today’s startups need to set themselves up for infinite scalability from the very start. 

Startups can’t just look at how to serve the first 10 customers, but how to serve 10 million customers with the same amount of resources. 

While the promise of hockey stick growth for tech startups sounds enticing (build and they will come?) Startups will inevitably run into a snag.  How do you maintain that scalability?

More often than not, the need to scale leads companies to focus on a key zone, international expansion.  They look across borders to find growth.

However, cross-border activities come with their own challenges & opportunities. Don’t miss this show to learn how to spot both and what to do with each of them. 

Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) Why scaleups must see far into the future before starting
2) The biggest challenges companies encounter when expanding across boarders
3) Understanding how to maintain scalability


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