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Episode 140: The Undeniable Relationship between Politics and Business with Dennis Davitt, CEO at Millbank Dartmoor Portsmouth.

September 19, 2022

Guest: Dennis Davitt, CEO Chief Executive Officer at Millbank Dartmoor Portsmouth. 

Millbank Dartmoor Portsmouth is a premier provider of efficient, liquid derivative strategies.

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Managing your business to thrive in a changing political climate  

Shifting political developments are reshaping the global operating environment for companies across sectors and geographies.

This volatility looks to persist in 2022 and beyond, posing both challenges and opportunities for fintechs looking to grow.

Richard and Dennis talk about how winning in today’s business environment takes more than just knowing business. You must estimate the future with some clarity, not just the business landscape but political as well.

They discuss how, for companies to thrive, executives must approach geopolitical and other political risks in a strategic and proactive manner. Don’t miss this one!


Top 3 Insight Bombs:  

1) How to stop being reactive and start being proactive with business decisions
2) Strategies to develop this the upcoming year to assure your survival
3) Understanding how political decisions will impact your business now and in the future


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