The Fintech Scaling Show

Episode 141: Why We Need to Leverage with Marie Walker, Co-Founder of Open Future World

September 26, 2022

Starting and then scaling your fintech requires significant research, planning, funding (sometimes) and organization. And as a leader, you need many resources to help guide and support your journey.

Having these resources at hand will allow you to navigate through obstacles that others might not be able to.

And give you the boost to create a brand that genuinely stands for something, build a trusted network, and have your voice heard. 

In this episode of the fintech scaling show, our host, Richard Doherty talks to Marie Walker, Co-Founder Open Future World dive into how leverage can play part in your success. 

Episode Highlights:

1) How community and network differ

2) What you should consider when build your brand

3) How to leverage resources to boost your growth

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