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Episode 23: Focus on People & Culture when Scaling with Nick Jones and Eddie Robb

December 7, 2020

Here's what we talk about:

As companies scale, there are a number of competing priorities. But, by taking the time to create a mission and align this with your growth journey you’re putting in the foundations to scale in-sync.

In this episode, we invited Nick Jones and Eddie Robb from Zumo, to share their unique insights into scaling from the lens of the founder & commercial director.

The guys open up about their career journeys and how these experiences (failures & successes) have played a critical part in scaling Zumo. We go on to talk about why a culture & people-first approach works and how this pays dividends in the long run.

It’s a fun and engaging discussion packed full of useful insights from a dynamic team & exciting startup from the UK.

Key Discussion Topics

  • Why taking time to define your mission pays off in the long run
  • How previous experiences help shape the rhythm of a company
  • The value of focusing on culture & people early in the scaling cycle
  • Methods used to balance the growth of core business with other initiatives


Zumo website - 

How to Succeed in the African Market - 


Nick Jones, CEO, and Founder at Zumo

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Eddie Robb, Commercial Director at Zumo

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