The Fintech Scaling Show

Episode 48: A Founders Story with Mark Vedel

June 7, 2021

Here’s what we talked about:

Have you ever stopped to think about what makes a founder, a founder? 

My guest today on the # Fintechscalingshow. Mark Vedel, the founder of Inscale, talks us through his journey into becoming a founder. He opens up about the lessons he learned as he tracked through Papua New Guinea with nomads in the 80s.

He goes on to talk about how being a survivor has helped him as he launched Inscale and built an international business with a global footprint

Episode 48, A Founder Story, dives into the mind of a true entrepreneur and artist as we listen to how he created his life.

 Key Discussion points

  • How non-technical skills can help as you go to launch your business
  • Why founders thrive on uncertainty
  • What to look out for as you scale  your company


“So I think the best thing you can do is get some key customers. Focus, the more you focus on something small and the more narrow that is, the easier it is to be successful. “ -  Mark Vedel




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