The Fintech Scaling Show

Episode 52: Scaling up in Ireland (The Ecosystem Built to Help Fintechs Scale)

July 5, 2021

Here’s what we talked about:

How can you nurture an ecosystem that helps startups grow? 

My guests today on #theFinTechscalingshow panel talk through what Ireland is doing to support fintechs and how this is helping the economy and people's spread their wings cross borders.

Our distinguished experts give us a sneak preview of what it takes to set up and sustain the ecosystem that funds more startups than Y Combinator.

Episode 52 Scaling up in Ireland (The Ecosystem Built to Help Fintechs Scale) provides a playbook and platform for aspiring FinTech founders to leverage proving that relationships are the crucial ingredients as you scale.

Key Discussion Points

  • The Irish FinTech ecosystem
  • How to set up and facilitate a cross-border network? 
  • Why nurturing startups is critical to economic growth?


“ The attraction of FinTech is very strong for a lot of people, but when you're setting the company up, you have to have a very solid plan in place. And then you can ask for help. I think looking for somebody else to draw your planet for you, it is not the way to.” - Neil Ryan

“So you have to, you have to be able to change with the times and things can become pretty stale pretty quickly. I would say first and foremost, from my perspective, it's gotta be innovative” - Jack Clark

“I suppose we've kind of formed ourselves into an organization builds upon the connections that the guys have spoken upon.  Firstly, I suppose that that helps set the strategic direction for our organization” - Michael Concannon



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