The Fintech Scaling Show

Episode 65: Using Influencers to Build Market Presence with Mihails Skoblov

September 3, 2021

Here’s what we talked about:

Are you using influencers to boost your brand awareness? 

Today on the #FintechScalingShow, Mihails Skoblov, CEO and founder of Bitlevex takes us down his path and talks about how he's leveraging influencers and video on YouTube to boost his market presence.

He dives deep into what Bitlevex is doing with affiliates and bloggers and how this is boosting their brand in the market and at the same time helping them to educate their target audience. 

Episode 65, Using influencers to build market presence, provides real-world examples of how to use social influencers  and established, and trusted communities, to scale your company

Key Discussions Points

  • How to build and develop business relationships
  • Why educating consumers is critical 
  • How to use YouTube?
  • The impact of social influences and blogging.

Quote: “ If you find a good blogger influencer on YouTube, and if you find a good format to scheme and , The formula to where it can create a very good message for this particular audience, the result can be amazing’ - Mihails Skoblov





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