The Fintech Scaling Show

Episode 77: Dealing with Your Most Important Denominator with Tamás Gémes

October 18, 2021

Here’s what we talked about

What's the common denominator as you scale ?

Today on the #fintechscalingshow, Tamás Gémes  Co-Founder & CTO, of Fintech Blocks & talks us through his philosophy on people, and why this common theme must be thought through so that it  "causes" a positive movement towards your mission. 

Allowing your people to trust each other and take responsibility for their part in scaling towards a mission.

Key Discussion Points:

  •  How to get your new hires to produce quickly and efficiently
  •  Why train the trainer and mentorship helps you scale
  •  How to "hat up" your team members
  •  What to do when you see signs of contraction

ScaleUp Consulting, playing a major role in creating the new fintech ecosystem, by giving you the tools, strategies & insights to help you lead your team, group, and community to a prosperous future... 

Quote:  “ Talent can be developed as well. And learning is more of an attitude” -  Tamas Gemes




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