The Fintech Scaling Show

Episode 83: Finding your Purpose with Federico Spiezia

November 15, 2021

All leaders have it....

And then go off an change the world

And once known, you to can take control and move your audience towards their ideal scene

What is it?


Today on the #fintechscalingshow, Federico Spiezia Founder, of Design Accelerator talks us through why purpose is top of the list as you look to setup you company and make an impact

It’s the single most powerful thing I know of that, when clarified and articulated, can give a person or a business a quick boost.

Key Discussion Points:

  •  How defining your purpose is a critical part of the founder journey
  • Why engaging with your audience consistently helps you create a winning product or service
  • What platforms to leverage as you look to communicate your message

Quote:  “ what's important here is that you're able to convey your story by making it clear .” - Federico Spiezia



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