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Episode 96: How to Use DAO’s as a Secret Weapon with Casey Olsen

January 17, 2022

Here’s what we talked about:

Is your organization capable of gearing up for a radical transformation to remove the need for constant restructuring as you expand? How do you take advantage of the opportunities present in the metaverse?

I ask as in today’s episode of the #fintechscalingshow, Casey Olsen, founder and CEO of Skeleton, and I talk about the Decentralized Autonomous Organization and how you, as a founder, can leverage these assets to avoid the traditional scaling problems.

Learn how doing business in a virtual setting can effectively break down physical and economic barriers that will enable your brand to flourish and your organization to expand.

Discover how web 3.0, crowdsourcing, and freelancing all play a role in decentralizing your business, and at the same time allowing you to grow the way your users want you to grow.


Episode Highlights:

        How to skip past the war on talent

        How to leverage web 3.0 and other platforms to scale your organization

        Why traditional structures are impeding your growth



The advantage of being a startup in the first place is you can be on the cutting edge of innovation, you can be extremely dynamic, and you can move really quickly. - Casey Olsen



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