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Episode 98: How Reflecting can be a Catalyst to Expansion with Yann Barbarroux

January 31, 2022

Here’s what we talked about:

Are you reflecting consistently, and taking action?

Should you take the worlds viewpoint as you look at ways to improve?

I ask as in today’s episode of the #fintechscalingshow, Yann Barbarroux, Co-founder and CEO of OTONOMI, and I talk about deep reflection and how this plays a critical role in helping you achieve, as a founder or executive

Learn why being the best internally and concentrating on yourself might open you up to a Blackberry moment down the line

Discover why disruption and innovation only works if your purpose is strong, and the customer pain point you're solving is real 


Episode Highlights:

  • Why reflection is critical
  • Why you must take in outside views as part of your expansion goals
  • How passion plays a part in making you as great leader


Quotes: Make sure that you can reflect with humility - Yann Barbarroux



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