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August 31, 2020  

Episode Nine: Building Solutions that Impact the Lives of many in Emerging Markets with Jeremy Leach

August 31, 2020

Here's what we talk about:

We talk to Jeremy about inclusivity solutions and how he started out in the game. We talk about his early career and the how travelling around the world helped build the company he has today. We dive into some detail as to how he landed up in south africa, a country he’s come to call his own. And how all this led him to be the founder of inclusivity solutions.

We spoke about how he created awareness and raised funds in the early days, which is allowing him to scale now. we speak about how it’s important to be agile and the challenges to making a success in the market.

We dive deep into interesting topics on product vis-à-vis market fit, and how its so important to understand the market you enter and tailor the product if required for this circumstances….

We speak about the opportunity that has arisen from the current situation and the learnings out there now which if taken can propel companies forward.

We end the conversation chatting how start-up’s must be resilient and keeping your team together is a crucial aspect of success.

Listen here: