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September 7, 2020  

Episode Ten: How Leading from the Front Helps Build Teams for Success with Cristiam Da Silva

September 7, 2020

Here's what we talk about:

We talk to Cristiam about how he got started on his entrepreneurship journey. He started as a freelancer and then that led down a path to building a thriving digital agency.

We speak about how he built a team that allowed him to scale and to concentrate on the business.

He speaks through why it’s important to scale and opens up about the importance of finding the right team, with a mix of skills to help push the company forward.

We talk about the importance of selecting the right project and clients. And how this is an important part of scaling and growing your business. It’s hard to stop and say no to clients in this phase, but important nonetheless as your reputation is important in the market

We talk about the learnings of his scaling journey and how he’s tackled this, in his own style – which is so expressive and natural, such a great business mind…He goes into details of how he came up with an innovative vetting process, which de-risked the people he hired…

Talking through the “simple” complexities of moving from 3 to 15 staff members and the mechanisms used to communicate…how these change and why they need to change….

We move on to how he leads from the front and the importance of creating an environment that his staff want to work in…yes, we work hard BUT let’s also understand that we have lives outside – BRAVO !

Lastly, we talk about the need to niche down in order to scale up! We chat through how his business is beating the odds and growing now.

Listen here: