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September 14, 2020  

Episode Eleven: How to Build & Run a Successful International Startup with Fabian Fischer

September 14, 2020

Here's what we talk about:

Starting a business is no easy feat. You have to know what it takes to go from startup to getting your product out to various locations internationally. Today’s brilliant guest was able to achieve a feat as impressive and he shared how he made it all happen!

Fabian Fischer is the founder and managing director of massUP, an insurtech solution that’s designed to be a one-stop solution for online sales of specialty insurances. Prior to starting massUP, he was a partner and former managing director at Mediaman, a worldwide digital production and communication company with offices in Germany, China, and the US.

In this episode, Fabian candidly shared the insights, wisdom, and techniques that has helped him build a successful startup. From the obstacles they faced and how they resolved it down to how they create product awareness, he covered it all here. This is one powerhouse discussion I hope you won’t miss!

Key Discussion Topics

  • How the experience at Mediaman helped him with massUP
  • Tactics used to consistently “build in” market feedback to your product
  • The importance of selecting partners for knowledge, and collaboration not simply capital
  • Why international expansion should include local partners
  • Why having less at the start, will allow you to focus and have more later

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