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Unpacking Podcasting for Fintechs - Part 3

September 24, 2021

Do you want to be in a place where?

The Time it takes to find and close new customers is reduced
You and Your team has access to a community of ready-to-buy customers

You have an active pipeline of qualified prospects to have conversations with week-on-week
You have a predictable flow of customers month-on-month
You have a quality control system that allows you to quickly ascertain ROI on activities

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then check out the video below 

Unpacking Podcasting for Fintechs

This is Part 3 of my 3-part video series on why podcasting for fintechs will help you expand

Every day over the last 3 days I've given you the insides on why podcasting for fintechs will help you expand

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